Prosper LA


The Board of Supervisors (Board) directed the Executive Officer of the Board, Celia Zavala, to work with the Quality and Productivity Commission, in consultation with the Small Business Commission and the Citizens’ Economy & Efficiency Commission, to seek innovative ideas to streamline the County’s contracting process, assist businesses, and identify potential cost-savings to County operations. The Prosper LA Working Group was formed from this collaboration. The following County departments and commission working groups contributed their ideas and resources to this effort. We would like to thank and acknowledge the members for their time, support, and contribution.   



  •  Celia Zavala, Executive Officer
  •  Jeramy Gray, Chief Deputy
  •  Lorayne Lingat, Assistant Executive Officer
  •  Amin Almuhajab, Chief Information Officer
  •  Arpiar Nazarian, Chief, Application Development
  •  Brenda Duran, Communications Director

  •  Commissioner Viggo Butler (5th District)
  •  Commissioner Andrés Cuervo (2nd District)
  •  Commissioner Evelyn Gutierrez (CEO/QPC)
  •  Commissioner Nancy Harris (2nd District)
  •  Commissioner Shawn Landres (3rd District)
  •  Commissioner Ed McIntyre (CEO/QPC)
  •  Commissioner Blaine Meek (Labor)
  •  Commissioner Will Wright (CEO/QPC)
  •  Jackie Guevarra, Executive Director
  •  Laura Perez, Program Manager

  •  Commissioner W. Steven Temple
  •  Commissioner Mark Robertson
  •  Commissioner Kerry Doi

  •  Commissioner Nancy Coleman (2018-19 Civil Grand Jury Foreperson)
  •  Commissioner Michael Hastings (5th District)
  •  Commissioner Joanne Saliba (1st District)
  •  Commissioner Velveth Schmitz (4th District)
  •  Commissioner Connie Sullivan (4th District)
  •  Ed Eng, Executive Director

  •  Joseph Nicchitta, Director
  •  Azusena Favela, Deputy Director, Small Business and Economic Development
  •  Christian Olmos, Chief, Office of Small Business
  •  Francisco Mendez, Commission Services
  •  David Diaz, Commission Services

  •  Selwyn Hollins, Director
  •  Michael Owh, General Manager, Purchasing & Contract Services
  •  Benny Chacko, Deputy General Manager
  •  Quetzal Arellano, Section Manager