Idea Submission

The County is ready to take action and it starts with you!

The County of Los Angeles is seeking innovative ideas  to streamline its contracting process, assist businesses, and identify potential cost-savings to County operations. This effort is part of the County's roadmap to economic recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Actionable ideas will be a part of a special quarterly report to the Board of Supervisors by the Executive Office and Quality and Productivity Commission, in consultation with the Small Business Commission and Economy and Efficiency Commission.

The County wants to hear your ideas or recommendations on how we can improve our contracting and procurement process. We welcome ideas from County employees, residents, businesses, nonprofits, and the community.

Please fill out the intake form by clicking the button. Supporting documents may be attached in word, excel, or pdf format. Thank you for your interest in submitting an innovative idea!

What makes a good idea?

LA County is looking for ideas that:

  • Streamline business services, processes, or contracting with the County.
  • Have an impact on the County government or on the public.
  • Identify potential cost-savings from County operations and programs.
  • Enhance or create services through public/private partnerships.
  • Improve the public’s experience with the County government through technology.
  • Improve how the County government builds and shares technology to better serve the public.
  • Are part of a big or rapidly growing market in the County government technology.
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Your idea should:

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the problem you want to solve and/or the idea you want to present.
  • Focus on creating a new product or service that is good for the County government, businesses, and the community.
  • Be as clear and descriptive as possible.

Examples of ideas

Grant Reporting

"This project will identify opportunities to improve the federal grant reporting process, by eliminating redundancies and creating efficiencies through improved technology — with the goal of generating a prototype that could be adapted across federal programs, thereby increasing federal grant programs’ efficacy to those being served as well as taxpayers’ return on investment."

Notifications as a Service

“TTS will investigate the opportunity to provide a common solution for government notifications to citizens via email, text message, and other contact methods. Many of the tools that TTS and other agencies build require a notification component, and this project will help TTS understand whether consolidating the ability to send notifications into a shared service available to all agencies would be effective.”